Embroidery is the artwork that is done on fabrics

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Jun 112016

Embroidery is the artwork that is done on fabrics. It is an art of bringing color or life to the fabrics that are dull in nature. Practically it can be defined as the use of a needle with strands of thread or yarn on a fabric to draw cheerful and attractive designs on it. It is not very clear when the art of embroidery came into being, but it is known that this art is present in many culture of the world including, Asia, Middle East, America, and Europe.

Religious handmade embroidery is very much famous among the Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Jews. Islamic embroidery is very famous in Pakistan and is a huge part of its culture.


Embroidery In Kashmir

Embroidery is very popular in Pakistan. Kashmiri Embroidery is very famous. Kashmiri Embroidery is also known as Kashida and is a very beautiful kind of embroidery. Kashmiri embroidery is mostly based on the beautiful scenery of nature. That includes sights of beautiful flowers, waterfalls, trees etc. Shawls, Dupattas, Sherwanis and Shalwar kameez are the main Religious handmade embroideries in Kashmir when it comes to clothing.

Women Drapery

Embroidery is also an important part of Drapery in the women of Pakistan. Kashmiri Embroidery is used a lot in the drapery as Muslim wedding clothing. The Lehenga Kurtis, Dupattas, Salwar Kameez,  Sherwanis, and suits are the Muslim wedding dresses, on which the embroidery is most focused on.

Abayas and Prayer Caps

Abaya is a very prominent icon of the religious culture of Muslims. And so are prayer caps. The Abayas are usually black and plain, but they have also been introduced with embroidery. Women do a lot of work on the abayas and try to make them look cheerful and attractive. Similarly, the stitching techniques are also used in the embroidery of prayer caps.

Prayer rugs/mats

Prayer rugs are the most used embroidered products when it comes to religious embroidery. They are used for offering prayers by the Muslims. The embroidery of prayer rugs plays a large role in the cultural embroidery of Pakistan. The artists make these rugs of different qualities. There are rugs that are used very commonly and are cheap in cost. Whereas there are other prayer rugs that are very expensive and costly, as they have a lot of embroidery and work that’s done on the mat. They are not commonly used as prayer mats, but are used as decoration wall hangings instead. The companies or factories that make these prayer mats also make big carpets that are used in mosques. These carpets also have a lot of embroideries done on them that explicit the cultural heritage of Pakistan. you can also find hand embroidered badges from divine store.


Pure Silk is one of the most expensive material used in embroidery. Silk threads are the most used in embroidery in Pakistan in making wedding dresses for Muslim women. However sometimes other more expensive and precious materials for patches  are also used on the dresses, for example, Gold, silver wires, quills etc.

How Security patrol services make life secure for the people?

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Aug 032016

Patrolling is one of the most important aspects of security as it can swoop quickly at the place and tackle the miscreants head on. The property is provided 360-degree security in an easy and hassle free manner. You should make sure to hire only the best because it is the question of the life and property:

Surveying the place:

A high-quality Security patrol service analyzes the property that has to be protected from the intruders. Based on the information, the security professionals devise a foolproof plan for implementation. It is very difficult for the intruders to enter the home without catching the attention of the officers. Strategy for the protection is essential because each property is unique as far as location and the net worth is concerned.

Security patrol


In a dedicated security service, the officers might watch movies when nobody is monitoring them. Therefore, it is vital to hire the patrol services as the fleet is equipped with GPS and webcam to monitor the security staff. It is the best way to check the efficiency of the security agency.


Prior to selection of the security agency, it is important to assess the track record before arriving at any conclusion. You should talk to the neighbors who have availed the services in the past. They can provide better information to arrive at the desired results.

Right selection:

If the selection is right, you can access top-notch services with a large fleet of vehicles moving up and down throughout the property. They secure the homes and offices around the clock without giving stress to the clients.

Regular updates:

The patrolling party is always on the move and look out for the possible miscreants. In the event of an intrusion, they get an immediate alert and take actions accordingly. Security Company sends regular reports to the clients assuring them that the property is in safe hands.

Agencies calculate the threat perception in advance and devise the strategy accordingly to get the desired results. Residential patrolling takes a huge burden off the shoulders as you do not have to monitor the security round the clock. The task is accomplished by security professionals to meet the requirements of the clients and protect the property from destruction.

Immediate response:

Security personals immediately respond in case of any eventuality. They are geared towards finding loopholes if any in the protection of the properties. It is a far cry from the conventional protection groups that are unable to conduct 24 hours monitoring. Patrolling is essential for the commercial spaces such as warehouses where the goods are stored for further shipping.

When you are trying to find the suitable patrolling security agency, make sure that it doesn’t have dilapidated vehicles or they may break down in the midst of the journey. In addition, the officers need to be armed in order to challenge the robbers trying to break into the house. A high-quality security agency will not only protect the property but also the family members.

Watch Tom & Jerry Cartoons on Mobdro Online TV

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Aug 022016

Watch Tom & Jerry on android smart devices through Mobdro App. Tom and Jerry is a well-known cartoon series which was introduced in 1940. It is very famous equally in whole world and I think every one of us had watched it in his childhood. Tom and Jerry is a short animated cartoon movie and it is famous in cartoon world from last 75years. It has many series like The Tom and Jerry show 1975, The Tom and Jerry show 1980-82, Tom and Jerry tales 2006-2008. All these series are very famous.

Mobdro app best for entertainment

Tom & jerry is a story of a mouse and a cat. Jerry is a mouse and Tom is a cat. This cartoon is based on the funny fight among Tom & Jerry. During this cartoon movie Tom try to catch the Jerry. But Jerry try to save himself. Tom becomes helpless due to cleverness of Jerry. But sometimes when they are in a difficult situation and they show their friendship and by this friendship and cleverness they solve that problem.

Tom tries his best to beat Jerry and use everything during his fight on the other hand Jerry tease Tom by his fastness and cleverness. It is a very interesting cartoon show which is full of these two characters fun. These funny acts are they reason for the tremendous popularity of Tom & Jerry.

Everyone like this cartoon series especially kids never like to miss it’s any episode. Today we tell you a best smartphone app by which you can watch this favorite cartoon and enjoy it on your smartphone.

Mobdro is the best and free application which is familiar due to its nonstop and high quality streaming. It is not only providing free online movies to its users but all TV channels can be watched by installing this app on android or iOS devices.

Mobdro provide you all cartoon channels as well without paying any money and you can also enjoy Tom & Jerry cartoons. We guarantee you that mobdro is the best app and you should enjoy it a lot.

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10 Tips for buying a diaper bag

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Jul 282016

Taking your newborn baby for an outing can be a stressful experience. Will they need a change of clothes?

Are they going to get hungry? Will they need their diaper changed? Medicine and toys? With a newborn baby, you’ve got to worry about all of these important things. You need to plan for them. And most importantly, you need a bag to carry everything in.


If you search for diaper bags, you’ll come up with hundreds of different products from many different manufacturers. With so many diffrent choices, it can be hard to differentiate between the different products.

What features should you look for? What style is best? How big does it have to be? Fortunately, we’ve come up with 10 tips for buying a diaper bag which should help you make your buying decision a breeze.


1- Make sure you buy the Right Size

You might be carrying everything you’ll possibly need for your baby in your baby bag. Or, maybe you’re using a smaller bag for shorter trips. You might also be doing double duty with the diaper bag, using it both for your baby’s stuff and for yours. Whatever the case, it’s important you buy a bag that fits your storage requirements. Make sure to remember, however, that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to diaper bags. Also, take care to pack only what you think you’ll need for an outing. If you’re going somewhere for just a couple of hours, you can carry a small packet of powdered formula as compared to the whole tub.


2-Does it have adequate storage compartments?


All the space in the world isn’t going to matter if you can’t find that pacifier or toy when you need it. That’s why any good diaper bag will come with a number of storage compartments, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Many diaper bags will even come with an insulated pocket for bottles or baby food, so the food stays fresh and cool for your baby.


3- Ease of access

if you’ve got your diaper bag slung over one arm and your baby on the other, are you really going to be able to unzip a small zipper on a diaper bag to grab that pacifier? Probably not. Ease of acess is an important consideration when buying a diaper bag. You want to be able to get to stuff quickly and with minimal effort, but the openings also need to be able to stay closed by themselves. Look for large zippers that you can easily open and close with one hand.


4-Fabric Choices


From cloth to fabric, diaper bags are made of all different materials. Cloth bags may look better, but they’re much harder to clean than plastic or vinyl bags. You’ll probably have to wash a cloth or fabric bag in the washing machine, while a vinyl or plastic bag is able to be quickly cleaned by simply wiping it down. You’ll be putting dirty stuff in there on occasion, and you’ll want to be able quickly clean out the bag when you get home.


5- Design and Style


in addition to being functional aspects of a diaper bag, you’ll also want it to look good! after all, any time you’re out with your baby, you’ll be carrying the bag as well. Best Diaper bags 2016 come in a variety of designs, from obvious baby colors to more fashion forward choices. One thing to consider is who is going to be using the bag? If both the husband and wife plan on carrying it around, perhaps it’s better to get a more gender neutral design. Also, remember that dark colors are will hide dirt or other stains much better than a light colored bag!

Get rid of duplicate content via an online plagiarism checker

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Jul 202016

Checking content via an online plagiarism checker is important. If you run a website, the content on it will attract your target customers. The problem occurs if the content is not fresh or copied from another source as search engines only rank the websites that have new and original content.

Now that you know it is important to get rid of the copied content, you might ask what duplicate content is. The duplicate content is the phrases or pieces of text in your content which are exactly the same in wording and structure to other content already written.

Why search engines hate duplicate content?

It is an interesting question. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of a search engine? The purpose of a search engine is to provide a list of websites which have the latest and unique information. If you search a topic, search engines will list numerous sites on the topic. You will not see any website which has copied content on the search engine result pages. Thus, if you want to list your site on the SERP, use an online plagiarism checker to detect the problems in your text before uploading it on your site.

Now if you ask why search engines hate duplicate content, the answer is simple. It’s hard for the audience to search for the best content if the search engine result showed the websites with similar content. It will confuse the audience. The audience cannot compare content from the different websites if they are similar. This is the reason search engines hate duplicate content.

You can avoid duplicate content easily by using online plagiarism tools. Many websites are available online which allow free plagiarism checks. Use these sites/tools to identify the duplicate content. Once identified, get rid of this content so that your website is listed on the first page of the SERP. Therefore, it is important to use free online plagiarism tools.

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A Promising and Relaxing Morning Safari Trip in Dubai

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Jul 122016

When you travel to Dubai, one of the most recommended things to do in the country is to experience the desert safari tour. In this trip, you can enjoy various kinds of outdoor activities including sand skiing, quad biking, wildlife safari, dune driving, dune bashing and also some relaxing activities like dinner at the desert, camel riding, and photography. A certain king of safari experience is a morning Dubai safari which is popular for its combination of adventurous and relaxing activities. This safari trip package is really a must try. Continue reading if you want to know more about this package.

Similar to an evening desert safari trip in Dubai, the morning tour is also filled with various enjoyable and fun-filled activities that you will surely enjoy. This package is ideal for those who cannot do an evening safari trip probably because of some time constraints or just because they do not want the activities of the night safari package. If you prefer having an extreme, adventurous, and wild trip across the deserts of Dubai rather than having a relaxing experience during the evening desert tour, then this package is perfect for you.

The morning package usually starts at 9 am wherein you will be fetched from the hotel you are currently staying. A land rover will be your vehicle on the way to the desert and some tour guides will also be there for you. Once you arrive at the desert, you will then enjoy a dune driving and dune bashing experience which lasts for around 20 to 30 minutes. After this, you will be taken to the camp where you can enjoy various sub-activities including sand boarding, sand skiing, camel riding, and quad biking. The kind of activities provided at the camp depends on the tour package you selected and the tour provider you chose for your safari experience.

After enjoying the wild ad adventurous activities provided at camp, you can then have a relaxing lunch at the bar. There will be a provision of different kinds of meals suitable for any ones taste. You can also enjoy the unlimited supply of refreshments including mineral water, soft drinks, tea, and coffee.

Desert Safari Dubai is surely filled with a lot of promising and enjoyable activities that every tourist in the country should experience. Make sure to maximize your desert safari trip when you decide to book one. Just be sure to book a tour from a respected and trusted tour provider.

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Want to know why iPhone is better than android?

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Jun 282016

When we come to iPhone is provides the massive features that can be experienced by iPhone users. The iOS 9 delivers upgraded features that you simply don’t get on an Android phones. You need to learn what the iPhone does better and how Apple provides the best experience than Android to see if an iPhone is the best smartphone for you. Most of the popular apps are on both the platform, but many top games and app will still come to iPhone. There is more app that comes up with the Android and iPhone at the same time, but there are still way more iPhone only app that we see than Android only. When you use iPhone, you can see the better design on the iPhone version than on Android. It is something that is still true in 2016. As we discuss that iPhone has very smart and quick operating system which will do the regular and speedy iOS updates for the iPhone no matter what carrier they use. An Android updates take months to arrive on all the devices. You may need to wait for a new Android smartphone to get the attest software. Apple delivers iPhone updates to your devices without any delay. Apple offer iPhone 4s iOS9 support. On top of the added update support, Apple doses not allow carriers to hold up the updates, As soon as the update is available from Apple it can be found on every carrier. For more updates and information you can visit http://www.developerstars.com/.

iOS developer London

If you own an iPhone, iPods, and Mac, your information flows smoothly from one device to the other. If you are an iPhone user, then you can quickly sync photos to all your devices, answers a phone call on your iPad or Mac and sent text from your other devices. It will allow you to use handoff which will use to start the task on your iPhone and continue on your iPod or Mac.

In Android phones sometimes the connectivity between devices doesn’t match without relying on a collection of third party application and services to hodgepodges together a similar feature. These all features are provided by and iOS developer London. While own your mobile phone you should choose your smart phone and tablet systems carefully, as you want to switch from iOS to Android or vice versa will require you to buy apps again in the google play or apple app store. Android is known for the most operating platforms that are used by many different manufacturers. An iOS is only used on Apple devices such as iPhone and iPads.

If we talk about interface about Android and iPhones. It has standard touch interface such as swiping, tapping and pinch and zoom. While an iOS home screen only contains rows of app icons, Android allows the use of widgets which display auto-updating information such as email and weather. A status bar runs across the top on both iOS and Android, offering information such as time, WIFI signal.

Why Roof replacement Lynchburg VA Company is essential for homes?

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Jun 122016

 One of the most important aspects of Roof replacement Lynchburg VA Company is that it consists of professionals who can accomplish the task without any problem. They have a huge experience in repairing the dilapidated roof and use impeccable materials that would go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users.

Optimizing time:

 If you are hiring top notch contractor, it is possible to save time on the project. He or she is capable of undertaking the task without any problem. Moreover, the company entrusted with renovation has an array of equipment that can assist in the roof installation.

Roof replacement Lynchburg VA

Weather conditions:

 The roof should be constructed in such a manner that it is able to withstand numerous weather conditions. It comprises of materials that are not only strong but quite durable to boot. They can survive the torrential downpour and extreme heat. If the roof is replaced in an effective manner, it is bound to protect the home from extreme heat as well as extreme cold.

Best Practices:

 Contractors already have information about the building codes that would go a long way in delivering impeccable results to the users. Sometimes the installation of the roof at a particular angle may violate the guidelines of the community to a great extent.

Portfolio analysis:

 You can connect with the website and check the portfolio of the roofing contractors. They may use different types of materials to meet the requirements and specifications of the clients. It is a well-known fact that doing the task on your own is a courageous decision but it might take more time.

The contractor has numerous employees at his disposal, therefore it is easier to define the schedules of the project and get the job done within a stipulated time frame.

You should not get impressed with the website but go through the web pages to analyze the services in detail. It is bound to go a long way in making the house new as well as amenable for a living.

Insurance is one of the most important aspects of the construction projects because they help to provide complete risk coverage to the users. All you have to do is to ask the documents from the vendors however in the absence of certificate; you need to contact other contractors.

A reputed company is bound to provide services without any hassles. It has a long list of professionals who not only deliver the results but also provide valuable suggestions on how to take care of the roof.

The top of the home acts as shields against the adverse weather conditions. Aluminum roofing tends to be weak and cannot withstand sudden change in the weather. It will do more harm than good resulting in lots of problems in the long run. The contractor should have complete risk coverage in order to avoid problems with the clients.

You need to take the feedback from the friends or family members who got their houses renovated in recent times. They can provide valuable information about the capability of the company.

Marketing Strategies through naklejki na szybe

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Jun 112016

If talking about the present scenario, naklejki na szybe serve as one of the best business marketing strategies owing to its many factors as general effectiveness, low cost, appeal, versatility and many others. Most business firms, no matter of whichever domain, are bound to benefit from this idea. Deployed in different ways as on devices, car windshields, etc. these stickers are an answer to building a brand and creating a new buzz in town.

Functions of naklejki na szybe-

It is posters that we have heard of in most common. Stickers are just a smaller version of these conventional, huge, printed marketing tool named posters. Its smaller size and adhesive available either on surface or back of the sticker as per convenience makes them easy to deploy and distribute. In fact, consumers are more than eager to flaunt them on their windshields as part of their loyalty or brand pride. Some even use it as an effective way to cover damage, prevent excessive sunlight or bad weather. But among all this, it cannot be denied, that it is the most promising way to appeal a larger audience without having to trouble oneself much.

naklejki na szybe

Designs to keep in Mind-

The look and content of the sticker are paid more attention during a larger market initiative. Colour schemes, font, themes, etc. are all chosen in accordance to the brand. After all, it’s the look and feels that is supposed to get user attention no matter if the audience is not looking forward to that particular service momentarily. When planning with naklejki na szybe, the name of the brand or a simple logo, marketing slogans, contact information, guide, etc. helps the sticker even step into the shoes of a stationery business card.

Thus, if looking for something simpler, convenient yet affordable to attract large masses for your purpose,naklejki na szybecan be one promising solution.

Get fit curvy body with perfect running shoes

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Jun 102016

It may not be the flashiest part, but rather the most imperative segment of a running shoe is the padded sole since it’s the place the essential type of padding and backing is found. Many individuals tend to pay consideration on the upper part of fabric; however that is truly simply keeping your foot on the shoe. The best shoe is the shoe that is particularly custom-made to your foot, backing and padding insightful, we generally get some information about their running feel inclination. There are such a variety of brands and styles to look for the best Nike running shoes 2014 you can always search for. Finding the ideal pair for your running style can be a test. It’s imperative that you work out what’s best for you.

Test your running style

You can search for stores where they will check your gait and then suggest you the shoes. In such stores, a full step examination test is done that’ll help you distinguish the running shoes and backing that also suits your personal style. You’ll additionally get some convenient insights on the most proficient method to enhance your system along the way.

the best Nike running shoes 2014

Consider your territory

It is not necessary that every jogger’s park is best for every runner you need to plan their run. You need to understand the importance of running, and so you need to set time and place where you can run easily and with complete commitment.

Prepare yourself for running

In a considerable measure of cases, you might need to pick a preparation shoe for more mileage and a race shoe that is lighter. However, better utilized for shorter timeframes, are asics the best running shoes yahoo for you. It’s essential that you’ve worn your shoes in before you hit race day, or put in the more extended runs.  Since you know your style, it’s a great opportunity to pick. Each pair of shoes on our rundown has been worn, tried and put through its paces.

Certain things that you need to consider while buying that perfect running shoes:

Sock liner

The insole or sock liner is a removable froth embed that sits under and provides proper fits to your foot to helps the shoe fit better. Numerous producers provide great comfort with their innovative designing with the insole.

Sneaker treads

Outsoles are an important part of any shoes, which is available in either black of carbon rubber or colorful brown rubber. It has been seen that Carbon rubber is more durable, but colorful brown rubber provides more flexibility and less weight to your step. Trail-shoe outsoles are quite often carbon elastic, and the more profound their drags, the better they are for rough territory.

Padded sole

This layer is commonly made of froth, which provides great comfortable cushion kind of feeling to the shoes. It is an important part of shoes and while picking up running shoes, you need to check midsole so that you know that your feet will relax while running.